One of my BEST creations...........



To me, cake is much more than a dessert—it's a symbol of celebration, joy and togetherness. My cakes and creations are hand-crafted from scratch the old fashioned way, just like grandma made with whole buttermilk, farm fresh organic eggs and real butter. You can taste the love in every bite.

Since I was a child I have always had a passion for cooking and baking.  Driven by my own sweet tooth I began by making cakes and cookies for family birthdays and holidays at a young age and that developed into a career.

Originally in Santa Clarita, and more recently in Tehachapi, I spent over 25 years baking for Lucky's and Albertson's grocery stores until my recent retirement. 

Now, with over 30 years of a baking career I am continuing to follow my passion by providing high quality, personalized sweets as an independent baker at Victoria's Bake Shop.

- Vicki